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Traditional Kerry Style Beaters

Generally about 8 - 9 inches (20 - 23 cm) long with bulbous ends.

These double ended beaters are ideal for beginners and those more experienced players who keep to the traditional style.  Being double ended they are held near the centre and so allow triplets to be played with ease.

We make a wide variety of Kerry style beaters both off the shelf and to order.

Slim (top-end) beaters.

Generally longer than Kerry Style beaters. 8.5 - 10.5 inches (22 - 27 cm).

Made with dense exotic woods. Modern style beaters generally held near to one end.

Fast, light weight, preferred by many professional and session players A sharper and clearer sound than the Kerry beaters. Used to increase the tonal range of the drum by making more use of the top quarter of the skin.

©Gatling Hot Rods

A completely new range of beaters incorporating the ©Gatling style of construction. 9 inches (22.5 cm) long Beech rods are placed around a core which is a little shorter than the rods. This adds bounce when it comes into contact with the drum.  

The rods of ©Gatling beaters are only secured beneath the non slip handle and can therefore click if required. Moving the silicon rings controls the amount of click and bounce required.

The choice of World Champion and professional players.