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Drums and teaching packages for Key Stages.

•  The Bodhrán (Byddar in Wales) is the cultural drum of the British Isles.  It is a simple frame drum comprising a round wooden shell with a skin on one side and a bar on the other.


•  It has many advantages in educational and community contexts in that it is relatively cheap, easy to teach and easy to learn to play from primary upwards. Because of its polytonal nature and variety of ways in which it can be played, it is one of the hardest instruments in the world to master, giving plenty of scope for programme development over weeks, months or years if desired. Within a short time students will be able to play complex rhythms, compose their own rhythm diagrams and perform for an audience. As well as teaching the children a lifelong skill, extensions can be made into its cultural significance in Britain and Ireland, simple mathematics, dance and rhythm theory, drama, storytelling and as a vehicle for relaxation and visualisation techniques.


•  The bodhrán therefore has a mixture of musical, cultural and therapeutic facets that work well in school and community situations.


•  If required a professional bodhrán player is available to conduct a workshop with potential teachers and outline lesson plans for various key stages are provided.


Self assembly kits for music or skills projects.

As an extension to the above what could be better than for the students to make their own drum?

We provide complete self assembly kits with a full set of step by step teaching instructions. Suitable for music and design technology projects.

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